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KH, Part 2

Ow, my head! Darkness, Boss #1, no spoilers.

I don't know if my TV is just not adjusted right or if the people who made KH were smoking crack: What the hell is the idea of making people have to move around in total darkness? After the storm I needed to find Mr. Sexy and Underaged, but my screen was black. Pitch black. Now and again, every few minutes, I got a flash of blue-white blur as something reflected of Sora's shoulder. Other than that, my screen was black. And I'm supposed to find other characters in that? Bah.

I battled and beat the first boss, arrived at the first town after the island. Cid's really cute (I use this picture of him as a joking RL picture of my staff alt: .) I wished he had talked instead of "spoke" in subtitles. Too many people don't talk in this game.

Gale is going to feel 'I told you so'-ish over this, but I have to say: I'd like this a whole lot better without the Disney characters in it. Every time we cut away to Donald and Goofy it kills the "reality" of the game for me. Hopefully I'll get used to that... And gods above, why couldn't Donald *not* speak? I want to reach into my screen and strangle him every time I hear his voice.

I have a giant, honking headache. The switching camera angles in it are going to be the death of me. Didn't they have QA folks checking this? Sometimes the camera goes behind some solid object and you can't even see what Sora is doing. I'm thinking that's not normal for games?

Funny that everyone I've ever heard talk about this game had nothing but good stuff to say about it... I'm probably just expecting too much. The ever-shifting camera angles are probably something normal to all games, I'm just not use to it. I am looking forward to playing it some tomorrow, once my headache goes away.

Final notes:

1) I've taken to calling Sora 'Monkey Boy', since he jumps, flies, hops, leaps, and flips around like one. I switched from calling him 'Monkey Girl' because I have enough trouble remembering what sex he's supposed to be without misnaming him. Why couldn't he at least have had a boy's name?

2) Why does Riku have to be 15? He's got nicely muscled arms, great eyes, and cool hair. But he's a kid! Repeat after me: Cannot lust over a kid, cannot lust over a kid, cannot lust over a kid...

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