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Be smarter than me!

For some unknown reason, I passed over this link the many times I saw it posted today. A Snape music video, set to 'I'm Too Sexy'. I'm not sure why I kept passing up on it, I guess I figured it would be a half-assed job and mostly suck. But it's not! It's funny and great, and the timing is just amazing -- Snape walks down the "catwalk" in time to the music, and even his eyes move in time to it when he glances aside, such good work! And watch it a couple times to make sure you catch all the professors' expressions.

Be smarter than me! Don't pass up this link!

Edited to add: Is anyone else not getting the LJ emailed notices about posted comments? I seem to be getting maybe 1 in 10 that I should be getting...
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