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Albus Dumbledore has only one buttock.

While slogging through the piles of ChapterOwls in my mailbox, I picked out a few amusing tidbits. Also, I've found a worse nickname than "Sev", "Drake", "Siri" and the others.


* Hermione Granger developed a potion in tribute to her favorite comic book character, Spiderman, but she is keeping it secret.

* Harry Potter/Degrassi crossover. No plot really, Just making it up as I go along.

* Hermione Granger is a magazine designer and Ron works with attracting women to diamonds.

* Draco Malfoy's plans to seduce the young, notoriously innocent Ginny Weasley involves magic, hermaphrodites...

* Draco is abused by his father and left to die. An angel finds him and takes him into his home and into his heart.

* Albus Dumbledore has only one buttock.

* "Viky...Viky...." Hermione sputtered through a mess of tears, putting her head back in her arms. Ron didn't complain. Viky meant Viktor Krum.

* Title: Third Law Of Love
Summary: One, make sure it's love. Two, don't be afraid to tell. Three, always, always murder her afterwards.
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