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I now know the meaning of the term "shopping accident".

So I've been searching for a witch's hat. Seeing how we're a week before Halloween, that doesn't seem like it'd be too hard of a thing to find, right? Yesterday I bought one at Target, but it was a child's one and thus too small (they had no adult ones). Today I went to a party supply/costume store and found an adult sized hat, and while it's better, it's still smaller than I want. While there I found...

A Nimbus 2000!

I was just walking down the aisle, when golden lettering in a familiar pattern caught the corner of my eye. I hadn't read it at that point, but the shape of the lettering did a serious *PING* in my head. I stop walking and looked, and for a moment I was like "Wow! How'd they get that! It's... EEE! Look! It's a Nimbus 2000!". Then I took a closer look (after greedily snatching it up). Alas, it was made of plastic, and rather cheaply made at that, but... it's mine! Hands off, you kids! Mine! Mine! Mine!

I also noticed they were selling wands, so I snatched one up as well. It's no where near as nice as those wooden ones they sell online, but... if I try really, really hard, maybe colored sparks will come out the end when I wave it. (And then maybe Snape will ride up on a winged black stallion and carry me off.)


On a totally unrelated note, this post is really amusing. He calls it a "Cliff's Notes version of Genesis" (from the Bible, not the music group), but it's really more than that. Well worth reading.
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