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Winter Mornings and Work Layoffs

I know it's not actually winter yet, but it's now totally dark out when my alarm goes off. To me, that means it's winter. That also makes it harder to get up and get going. I have to turn lights on to get dressed and feed the cat and such, which is an odd and somehow sad thing; getting ready for work by "dawn's early light" somehow seems more natural.

It's hard being back at work. I took three days off as "bereavement leave". The company allows for up to five days, but I took only three because we're a tiny group and one person being out makes it a lot harder on the others. I returned to work today to news of layoffs. EEK EEK EEK! We lost 15% of the workforce, including two friends of mine. Aie. As much as I miss them (and feel bad about not having been able to say bye to them), I'm much, much more worried about my own position. I work hard! I'll work harder! Don't take me! Pleeeeaaase!

Even if you don't like your job, there's nothing like layoffs to make you grab it and clutch it to your chest, whimpering and shivering over the thought of having it snatched away from you...
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