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Raindrops keep falling on my head, porn, and furries

For the first time in eight or nine months, we had something wet falling from the sky. No way could it be called "rain", and it wasn't even enough for "drizzle". Saying it "sprinkled" would really be pushing it as well, but we did get a few drops of moisture this morning! And man, it's cold out! It's below 50 at night! (Stop laughing, jakflak :) ) I always change into shorts as soon as I get home from work, but I was actually cold in them last night. Well, luckily for us, our winter only lasts a couple months, then we'll be back to nice (warm and dry) weather.

I've surprised myself by not writing/ranting about this "protection from porn" week that our (*cough*) illustrious president has thrust upon us. I do not believe that anyone other than perhaps the youngest children, need "protection" from porn. If Bush wanted to do something to help America's sexuality issues, he'd make a week to promote porn.

spenceraloysius posted a great joke about Bush here. Even a couple days after reading it, it still amuses me.

So last night CSI did an ep about furries. I know quite a bit about furry people (much more than I want to), but seeing it on TV was just really disturbing. Hearing "yiff" used out loud made me twitch. The show was very funny in that 'Oh my god, they're all freaks, but at least they're no where near me!' and 'Eeeeee! Sticky fur suits?' sort of way. And even with all that? With all the squicking it caused? It didn't even touch upon the most disturbing elements of the furry world: Sex with plush animals, real ones, and (wow!) everyone in a furry costume ended up to be a mostly normal looking person. No one was overweight, no one had pimples. All that positive spin on it, and it was still disturbing as hell. (The words "yiffing in a furpile" will haunt my nightmares for years to come.)

I do feel sorry for furry people, though. If I was one (ha, *twitch*), I'd not want my "community" splashed across national television for the whole country to watch and mock/twitch at.

Scary stuff.
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