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Japanese commercial, HP drabble

I've not had time to get a Japanese candy review up lately (I still have a few left to do), so tonight I have a something to make up for it!

A strange-as-heck Japanese commercial! (rightclick -> save target as; file zipped, a 2 MB download) It's for some game I never heard of, combined with McDonalds.

I have a whole collection of Japanese gaming/food commercials, so I might post more another day.


This week's HP100 drabble. The challenge was to write about books/shows/entertainment of the wizarding world.

Title: The Cave of Time
House: Slytherin
Word count: 100
Characters: Ginny
Note: The SOFA challenge: "...books that have no educational value..."


As the hot summer breeze and her brothers' laughter floated in through the open window of her room, Ginny flopped down on her bed and thumbed the thin, hand-me-down paperback open.

Her eyes glazed over and she didn't read a word, but the characters' voices still lifted from the page.

"We should take the west path, through the forest!"

"We should go east, to the castle!"

"No, north! To the mountains!"

Without thought, Ginny picked, "East."

In a voice as worn and faded as the cover, the book told her, "For 'east', turn to page 47 to continue your adventure."

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