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A "LJ eek!" and a "LJ yay!" (And writing and food and stuff.)

The yay: They decided to up the number of icons you get when you buy extras, so thanks to nopejr's gift, I can now use 50 icons! Wow! I've been hunting for art for new ones all night.

The eek: What the heck happened to my LJ style? It changed! I made one little edit to the HTML (just changed a URL to an image file) and now the entire thing looks different! I hope it's just LJ having issues -- I think I looked at it after making the change and it looked right...

I'm in a really strange mental-place at the moment. I've been rereading (and loving) loupnoir Durmstrang Chronicles series, and I got to a paragraph and was jerked to a halt by a sentence. I reread the paragraph and thought to myself "Wow, those two guys are so sleeping together!". That totally sidetracked me from the whole story, and for the rest of the afternoon I just enjoyed mentally dressing up her OC Aurors and sticking them into all sorts of situations together. :) It made me want to right something *big*, some long, complex story with men falling into bed together on a regular basis. But, you know, then I was like 'Me? Write some big, long story? HA!'. But the idea won't go away, and it's depressing because it reminds me of a couple of old RPG situations. And, yeah.

I haven't mentioned vegetarian foo in a while. Nothing new and exciting. I hit another month of it, but I can't recall how many and I'm too lazy to check my memories section. Three months, four, maybe five? I'm not missing meat hardly at all, except when descriptions of it being good are put into my face and I can't get away from them. I'm still really really bad about eating vegetables -- if I don't make a serious effort to eat them, I can (and have) gone days without eating one. I need to work on that, but I'm just feeling so totally "blah" lately, like just dragging myself through the workday is too much, I don't have the energy to force new food upon myself. (I don't mean physical energy, but emotional energy. It's that "I just can't deal with life anymore, I need to curl up under a rock and hide for a year or two" feeling.)

Babble, babble, babble.
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