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Puppetry of the Penis, butternut squash, black carrots

Months back, Puppetry of the Penis came and played in my neck of the woods. I almost, almost bought tickets and went (which is a pretty big thing, as I tend to avoid such large, close gatherings of folks). When a recording of it became available this weekend, I grabbed a copy and watched it.

Oh, I'm so happy I didn't pay money to see it! Other than the whole "naked men on stage" thing, I have no idea why people have raved about that show. Yes, their penises were pretty darned stretchy (one guy could stretch his three times as long, I kept expecting it to snap off with a *sprong!*), but "puppetry"? Making their penises into shapes? No. These were some of their tricks:

Naked Man #1 walks out holding a piece of wood with a hole through it. Sticks his penis into it so that the head is poking out the other end of the hole. Ta da! It's a squirrel! (Me: Um. No. It's not. It's your penis in a block of wood. It looks nothing like a squirrel at all.)

Naked Man #2 walks onto stage. Holds a picture frame around his penis. Ta da! It's some prime minister! (They said a name, I don't recall it.) Me: UUHHHHHHH. No.

There were one or two good tricks out of the whole bunch, but this should have been (at the very most) a five minute show, not an hour+ one. I stopped watching after a half-hour.


Went shopping over lunch today. Mostly wandered around the store and couldn't find anything I wanted to buy. (Haven't been hungry since the weekend, which makes it harder to shop.) They didn't have meatless meatballs, so I'll try to hit Trader Joe's later this week. Spent a lot of time in the veggie section, trying to find something I might eat. Settled on a butternut squash, because my mother likes those. (And it had a handy-dandy sticker on it to explain how to cook it.) Too bad it's so big, it looks like it'll feed a family of four. I'll cook it sometime this week, but probably not tonight.

Know carrots turn black after long enough? I forgot I put some vegetables and sandwich meats in the veggie drawer a while back, and found them last night. (I never usually use the drawers in the fridge.) The carrot turned totally black, and the sandwich meat (turkey?) was a rather pretty shade of dark brown. Strangely, the cut onion was fine. I figure the collection must have been six months or so old. Hee.
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