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Macho, macho man!

I love this quiz! The first record I ever bought in my whole life was the Village People! I saw them on a talk show when they were just becoming popular, and I fell in love.

So yep! I started this whole slash thing when I was very, very young. ...Okay, in truth maybe my fascination wasn't slash-based, I had no idea what "gay" even was; my mother tried to explain it without really touching on sex, but it went right over my head.

Leatherman's mustache scares me. I don't think he had it on the album cover...

I am the biker
You're the biker, also called the leatherman.
Leather and chains are more than just a
wardrobe for you. People say you're a kinky,
horny devil but... well, they're right. You're
at your happiest with a hot rumbling hog
between your legs.

What member of the Village People are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Okay, to be honest I got the sailor (You are the sailor. You do your duty, no matter the cost. You aren't afraid to fight for those you care about - even if it's just your partner for one night in the port. You treasure new experiences, friendship, and adventure.), but his picture scares me, so I went back and cheated. The leatherman was my favorite back then, so I needed to get him now. :)
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