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TMI chicks and (male) gay sex tips. I'm in both communities, and so sometimes getting a post from one group right after another makes my friends page an amusing place. A rant from a guy in Gay Sex Tips about wearing condoms, followed right after by a post on TMI Chicks about STDs and odd rashes in odder places.


In news totally unrelated to sex (at least I think), co worker decided to call in sick today. Four hours after he was due in. He's home with sick kids (again, again, again). I'm guessing his wife must be the one with the good job, as it's always him who stays home. Grrrrr.


Having, finding, and making new icons is great fun. :)

Edited to add: Draco sure isn't very sexy anymore, at least in my opinion. Hate the hair, and where'd his sexy smug face go?
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