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I'm in love with a Japanese cartoon with Spanish subtitles...

maeglinyedi and I spoke earlier about finding files on Kazaa, and how sometimes people misname their files so you don't know what you're downloading. I use Bit Torrent instead of Kazaa (much safer in a number of ways), but occasionally I run into the same problem. Like tonight:

In my efforts to find some new anime series to get into, I downloaded 11 eps (packaged as one file) of Hellsing. The file was called just 'Hellsing', so I had had no clue the subtitles were actually in Spanish. Well, in the time it took to realize the subtitles were in Spanish, I was hooked on the series. (Yes, in seconds.) The art is just amazing, but even better is the music. What they did with guitars and pianos... they made totally new sounds with them. Sort of like that guitar playing they used in Desperado mixed with vaguely Old West piano music. Totally new to my ear, but ultra-pleasing and fascinating.

Though I can't read more than a word or two in Spanish, and understand even less Japanese, I watched the whole first ep. And know what? I have ten more I can watch until I have the ones with English subtitles finished downloading. I'm going to start on the second one as soon as I finish this post.

If you have a chance to see this series, grab it.
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