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Butternut Squash Crisp

I feel so domestic today! Between cleaning floors and scrubbing counters, I've been baking. First it was my butternut squash. (Just cut in half and baked for 45 minutes.) I tried it (first time ever) and was sort of "eh" about it. It wasn't bad at all, but it wasn't really good either* (more on this below). I hit the net and looked for recipes so I could do something with the ton of it that I had. I found the Butternut Squash Crisp one. Mmm.

I only had one egg, so I cut it in a third. I had no cornflakes or nuts, so I topped it with a little butter and sprinkled it with brown sugar. It tasted very little like squash (though smelled a lot like pumpkin). The egg (and I suppose the butter) made it nice and rich and gave it a nice consistency. Unfortunately a half-cup of sugar to a cup of squash (plus a lot of butter) isn't how I want to get my veggies, but as an occasional thing, this would be good.

I'm not sure why, but the crisp collected a lot of liquid in the bottom (and fell a little in the middle). Also, I'm not sure how it'll be cold, but since it has egg in it I'm going to put the rest into the fridge.

* Having never eaten veggies in my life (I don't mean rarely or only liking a few of them, I mean nothing green in decades), I'm finding that I have a lot of issues with the texture and consistency of things. While the butternut squash had an okay flavor, it was "stringy" and felt odd in my mouth. I hope I can get over that soon.
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