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Krispy Kream donuts

Hope I got the right number of K's in there...

A little backstory on the donuts: We hired a new fellow here on October 25th or so. Nice guy from Germany. Really big (tall and a little heavy). Wore a tie all the time.

A tie? In California? Yep. And so people kept telling him not to, ties just don't fit in here, even if you're a manager (which he is). So finally he gave in, and on Halloween wore... womens' panties, stockings, and nothing else.


It was really funny, but very very very very disturbing. He's like six and a half feet tall, with a belly and hairy legs. I saw way, way too much of him.

So what's this got to do with donuts? He said if two of the other managers would wear ties for the rest of the month, he'd bring Krispy Kream donuts in for all of December. I'm not really sure what happened, since today is only the 10th, but he brought a ton of donuts in this morning.

I had never had a Krispy Kream donut before, so I went and got one. They're stone-cold, so I was afraid they wouldn't be good (people have said that), but mmmmmm. The one I had was just amazing. Best thing I've had in my mouth in ages. I thought it would be a Boston Cream one, but in the middle was this really sweet whipped cream instead of the pudding that Boston Creams usually have. I really want another one, but I'm resisting.

Mmm, so good, so good.


In other news, I think my apartment is cleaner than it has ever been. I still have a little work left to do, but all the big stuff is done. (It's good that my mother comes out every year or so, as that's the only time my place gets such an intense cleaning.)


No major happenings from the weekend, other than the cleaning. I'm trying to get my feet under me on the FA mod stuff. It's a really odd situation, working for a place that I don't really feel a member of, that I don't feel part of the community for... but the area I oversee is nice and has few problems, so it's cool.

Six more eps of Hellsing finished downloading overnight. I wanted nothing more than to stay home from work today so I could watch. Got lots of Dear Boys ahead of me, too. Waiting for the last two eps of Get Backers to be translated so I can complete that series.

And... a slight confession. I'm really new to this whole anime thing, and before I was into it I tended to get really annoyed by the real big fans of it, especially when they used Japanese words in their English conversations... but I sort of understand it now. I spent most of the weekend hearing nothing but Japanese as I read English subtitles, and some words are now stuck in my head as Japanese. Odd words, too. Like "na-nee" (don't know how to spell it) for 'what'. And typical "fan words" like "gomen" or "gomen nasai" for sorry/very sorry. I'm afraid one might pop out in normal conversation when I don't mean it to...

Wow, this became a long post.
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