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Heads up: PoA trailer / icons / CoS

Word is, AOL and folks in Europe will be getting to see the PoA trailer tonight. This means (fingers crossed) it should hit the file sharing circles about the same time. Big yay!

I went through my old collected oekaki art, looking for potential pictures to use as icons. The icon I'm using now is the only result of searching through 200 or so pictures. Alas, good art doesn't necessarily make good icons. The original artwork is much nicer than the icon: I love all the white/scratchy lines.

For two nights now, I've been trying to make a screenshot from a DVD so I could post it here, but I give up. You need a special program to make an image capture from a DVD, and the license for mine expired. So no screenshot! Here's the post about it without it:

HBO showed Chamber of Secrets Saturday night, and while I have it on DVD, I happily watched it on TV. When the movie ended, I left the TV on so I could listen to the music over the credits. After the credits ended, something caught my eye. ...More movie? Yes! Though I've watched CoS many times, I had never seen there was another scene after the credits! Eee! Lockhart! So if you hadn't known about the extra footage after the credits, go watch now. It's amusing.
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