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Meta-recs site info / vacation update

Good news: Thanks to a comment, I tracked down the former mod of wereadshite. She doesn't want to run it anymore, so she accepted my offer to take over. I wanted to go with the new place (recsrainbow) instead of wereadshite because I paid for recsrainbow for a year (so that I could change the style and list the site links on the left). She agreed to that, and is going to put up a comment on wereadshite redirecting people to recsrainbow. Woo!


Vacation update: Spent much of the day at Ikea today. *drool* So much to buy! So much that I didn't need but wanted wanted wanted! I know elo_sf had trouble with them, and my visit didn't end the way I wanted it to, but still! So much stuff! I think I could have lived on the first floor (of the East Palo Alto one). So much kitchen stuff! I don't even cook and I just wanted it all.

The downside of the Ikea visit: The one thing I went there for (a dresser) they were out of the style I liked. I ordered it online, but I bet the postage will be murder (the package weighs 100 pounds). The other thing I found that I really liked (a giant hedgehog-shaped foot rest thingie) they were out of. I did buy a ton of kitchen stuff though.

Tomorrow: Driving up north and east, checking out what's east and north of Oakland.
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