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Good Eats, KH, HTML

Donno why, but Good Eats makes me feel good to watch it. I don't know how a TV show can make you feel good, but this one does. Mr. Brown just seems so... cool... and geeky (can you be both at once?). And he's cute, but not in the normal way. And he's smart as heck. And I love his glasses. Somehow it got to be 6 PM already, and watching the show has been the high point of the day so far.

Played Kingdom Hearts today, after avoiding playing it for many days. I'm afraid it confirmed what I had sort of decided last time I played it: I doubt I'm going to finish it. I don't even know how much more time I'll put into playing it. Funny, the combat (which I had worried most about), isn't so bad. I just face the right way and hit the X button as much as I can (ow, wrist!). It's the other stuff. To spend a half hour trying to jump from one mushroom to the next to a shelf to a log to a this to a that... and if you miss one jump, you need to start all over. That's /frustration/, and frustration is NOT why I play games. It's sort of like if those trials were all there had been to FFX: I would have hated the game. So I'll probably go back and visit KH now and again, but not for long or often.

Hm, Animal Crossing. Gamecube. Should I take KH as a sign I shouldn't try a new game, or a sign that the time I was going to put into it could now be put into AC? Or heck, with layoffs at work, I suppose I should just sit tight and not get it...

Put many hours into working on the MUSH's website. We're up to 562 pages in the site, which isn't half bad! Mostly I did catchup work, stuff I was avoiding. Five new pages added, including a new page in the AI section. Yay Wizardmon!

I need to cook more chicken for little Miss Meowy-Face. (No, I don't call her these names RL, I just spice up the post with them.) She ate 20 thighs in just over a week! That's a lot of chicken for a little cat. I have enough to get through the weekend, so I'll probably go at lunch on Monday and buy another farm's worth of chicken, then cook it up Monday night. (This is thrilling reading, I know. Mostly I'm just thinking "out loud".)
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