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Sunday Night Wrap-Up

Quiet weekend, but that's just what I needed/wanted after a busy week of mom-stuff. Though starving, I haven't left the apartment since taking her to the airport on Friday night.

I didn't mention food in my couple of posts last week, so a bit about that now: We went lots of new places and tried new things (Japanese/vegetable tempura (spelling?), Persian/falafal (misspelled for sure), vegi kabob, others), but I didn't like too much. I ate very little all week, enough so that my mother commented on it. I think I got less than a day's worth of protein for the whole week. This depressed me, as I had hoped for some kind of seeing-the-light and discovering that I liked all sorts of new and green things. Oh well. It'd be so much easier to give up on this. Have a burger now and then! I'd have so so so many more options for food and meals! Bah.

I have to take the car in to the dealer way, way too early tomorrow morning. Alas, it'll probably cost me a pretty penny, too. It needs tons of stuff done and checked. I really should have gone out and gotten food today, since I won't have a car tomorrow. Oh well.

Anime and games

I tried to make up for my week away, had lots of downloaded stuff (new and old) to see.

Dirty Pair: Project Eden: I got a copy of this a while back, but hadn't checked it out until now. Unfortunately it was in Japanese only, with no subtitles. Still I watched it for a few moments. It didn't look bad, but not exactly to my tastes. Didn't much like the art style.

FLCL: I watched only one ep of this, and for the life of me I can't say if I liked it or not. It's very crazy. Really. (One kid gets hit on the head with a bat and gets a bump, but it turns into a horn because he worked too hard (or was it worried too much?), then the horn turned into a giant fighting robot...) I'll probably watch more of it at some later date.

Brother Bear: Not anime, of course. Disney. I sort of liked it, but if I had paid to see it I would have been a lot less happy about it. Hated the art/animation style. Liked the moose a lot (I think because I like Canadian jokes, eh?). Worth watching once for free, maybe a second time if you have nothing else to do. I wouldn't recommend paying to see it.

Jungle Wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu: Another very insane anime. It was about a boy named Hale (see here) who lives in a jungle. Insane things happen to him. Yes, there are no trees in those screenshots, that's because he was inside a girl's belly when that happened. Deleted the series after watching that one ep.

Hellsing, Get Backers, Dear Boys. I've mentioned all before, so I won't go into them again now.

The Sims: It's much easier to take care of three people (two adults and a kid) than it was six (three and three). My female Sim works and is pretty good (other than being a slob), but my male one needs to join the rest of his family in the swimming pool of death. He refuses to work or do *anything*, other than cry and whine. Their kid takes after him too much, and whines and cries all the time as well. Sometimes I wonder if the goal of this game is to see how much you can take being whined at before killing them all off.

FFX-2: I put two hours into it yesterday and two more today. Still hate the battle system. Music has improved somewhat. But every single one of the three main characters annoys the hell out of me, which makes it really hard not to hate the game. I'm continuing with it hoping for more elements from FFX to show up in it (Jecht's VA has VA credit in it! I'm hoping for a glimpse of him!), but I think I'll mostly be disappointed on that end.


This week's hp100 challenge was about wands. Mine might be a little squicky to some, but it's not graphic at all.

Title: Black Market, Black Magic
House: Slytherin
Word Count: 100
Note: Hope this isn't too squicky for anyone.

Ollivander's isn't the only source for wands, just one of the most legal. For those in the know, there's quite a black market in the trade of wands and their core materials.

The wands of those who practice the darker areas of magic have a wider range of cores; powdered vampire fang, fur of werewolves killed during a full moon, and other less than ethical (not to mention less than legal) materials have been used.

In the years after Voldemort's defeat and the death of the Boy-Who-Lived, a new core material appeared: bits and pieces of Harry Potter's stolen corpse.

Must find some sort of food now.
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