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I'd be laughed out of Hogwarts...

Last week, while shopping for little toys to send back to my niece and nephew, I bought myself a wand. It's not exactly my usual style (it's rather girly), but it's pretty and swirly and ribbon-y, and I like it.

Whole thing (I had to wedge it in place to make it stand upright.)
From the top
Facing it

Car is in the shop. $500 and seven hours from now (eh, from when I dropped it off this morning), and I should have it back. Hopefully the price won't go much above their estimate, as my credit card has already gotten a lot of use over last week's vacation.

Still cold as heck out. Brrrr.

I wrote a drabble for hpsquick100 last night. It's an interesting challenge and this isn't what I was intending to write, but once I read someone else's, I was hit with an idea for continuing their story.

The challenge was "opposites attract". As usual, please be sure to note the 'squick' in the hpsquick100 name.

Title: Bedtime Routine, Continued
Word Count: 100
Characters/Pairings: Hagrid/Minerva and a furry friend.
Challenge: Opposites Attract
Author's Notes: A continuation of nayazindagi's drabble. Cut for bestiality and pairing. Line of dialogue is nayazindagi's, everything else is by me.

If this hadn't been their first time, Hagrid might have known to move the Niffler out of his bed before Minerva arrived and undressed.

"'ere Min'va luv? You got 'nuff room there? I'm sure tha Niffler wouldna mind goin' on the couch ta'night."

But she didn't see him standing there in the doorway, and by the looks of things, she hadn't heard him either. Back arched, her trembling legs spread wider. Heels pressed into the mattress. Covers kicked aside. The Niffler's dexterous (and now damp) muzzle rooted between her legs, mouthing and licking Minerva's golden piercing. She moaned Hagrid's name.

Mini Japanese Candy Review:

Last week I took my mother to the Japanese market, and we bought many interesting things to try. One of them was this set of five candies. From left to right: Strawberry M&M type things, chocolate coffee beans, Choco-Babies, some chocolate-strawberry things, and chocolate M&M-style candies.

* The strawberry M&Ms were really gross, typical Japanese-chocolate (yucky) taste.
* The chocolate ones were fine, tasted like real M&Ms.
* The second from the right ones, the pointy strawberry/chocolate ones were seriously yummy. Tasted like chocolate covered strawberries.
* My mother ate (and loved) the coffee bean ones. She said they were real coffee beans in them. (I don't like coffee, so didn't try them.)
* The last ones, the Choco-Babies, I snuck into her bag for her to take home, so I don't know how they were.
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