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Woe is me, woe is my car

Stupid mechanics. Car was supposed to be done by 3, he (Saturn dealership guy) was going to call me then to come pick it up. 3 arrives, but a call does not. 3:40 I call him. He says he's handling some stuff, and will call me "right back". 4:40, no call. I call them again.

Him: Oh guess what! Your wiper blades have some non-dealership standard blah blah blah, it'll be $50 instead of $20!
Me: Whatever. Okay, do it.
Him: You need this hose and that nut and this other thingie replaced. $6, $8, and $20 more!
Me: Mumble. If it needs it...
Him: Have you noticed a rough idle lately?
Me: Yeah... (It's been very rough lately, enough that I thought it might stall out.)
Him: Your motor mount is cracked!
Me, thinking: That does not sound good...
Him: $165 more!
Me: Mumble, mumble. If it needs to be done, okay...
Him: All four tires need to be replaced!
Me: GRRR! How much?
Him: $70 each, plus $85 in labor!
Me, while chewing on my desk to keep from sounding overly annoyed: So I suppose this means I won't get it back today? (Unsaid: I've been sitting here waiting for it to be done since 8 AM. 8.5 hours! I have no food, ate nothing since breakfast.)
Him: Nope! You can pick it up tomorrow mid-afternoon!
Me, thinking: Right. Like you'll call me at 3, like you'd call me "right away". Grrr!

So the initial estimate was $490.00. We're now up to about $1,100. I should just ride my fucking bicycle to work from now on. Cat needs to go to the vet (just for the yearly checkup, nothing bad), but I can't even make an appointment because lord knows if I'll even have a car on Wednesday, let alone tomorrow! I just hope they're not totally screwing me over. They probably are, knowing I'm a car-clueless woman (which I am). I don't want to know how my car works! I couldn't care less! I just want it to go when I push the gas! I hate feel-- heck, not just feeling: being at someone else's mercy. They have my car. I have to take their word on what's wrong with it (I only have until Wednesday off, I don't have time for second opinions).

...Okay. If I'll be calm and sane and not raging, the tires I half-expected might need changing. Those are the biggest extra cost (though a lot higher than I expected). That leaves the only other big thing as the "motor mount", which he knew/guessed about the rough idle ahead of time. Who knows.

Okay, Mr. Saturn Dealership Mechanic, how's this for a deal? I won't bitch about the cost if you get my car done for sure tomorrow afternoon. I feel helpless without it. I don't trust you at all, but I have no choice. Screw me over while you're talking to me in your way-too-happy voice, just get the damned thing finished tomorrow afternoon (as you promised). Please.
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