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I got my car! I got my car!

Woo woo! While I had to call them and check instead of him calling me when it was finished, I finally got it back! *hugs car* I grabbed some lunch (fries), then went grocery shopping. Alas, that was the wrong order, as I was full and didn't want to buy food. Called the vet, got an appointment for Miss Kitty tomorrow.

When I returned home, my ISP was down. (Boo.) While waiting for it to come back, I watched all the last eps of Hellsing (drool, drool. Can't wait for them to finish the next season or translate it or whatever! Love it, love it). Saw one more ep of Trigun. Liked it, but it wasn't the thing to watch after Hellsing -- too silly when I was in the mood for dark and sexy.

I'm very happy to have my car back. I feel like an adult with it, as opposed to a helpless kid hoping for a ride from someone else. (No offense, people on my flist without one. I've just had one for years and I'm used to the independence.)

Very, very cold.
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