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Eee! Another keen series to watch! Okay, so DNAngel is about this kid whose family line has angel DNA in it... sort of. Just one angel's DNA: Dark. (Sexy, no?) At night (the only time he's been around so far) Dark looks more dark than purple (See? And see?) Continuing the whole Dark-trend, his wings are black, too. But see, Dark isn't different just because he's darkly colored, he's also a thief. So each generation, this family produces a boy-child for Dark to live in. Then, when the boy turns 14, Dark can take over his body (sort of, they trade control over it).

This is the boy when Dark isn't in control. (The animation art isn't quite as nice as some of the other ones I like -- I dislike that obvious anime-shine in the hair and the big-even-for-anime eyes.) That screenshot is from the first ep, when he and another boy were cleaning out a classroom together. My eyebrows lifted as the scene continued: He asked where everyone went. The blue haired boy replies: I wanted us to be alone. (Huh? Okay...) Then he pops the question.

It turns out the blue haired boy's intentions weren't a date. I believe he's going to end up being Light (the other angel featured in the series's opening). Look! Look! Eeee! Dark and Light don't get along. Mmmrowl! (Go ahead, tell me there are no slashy undertones there.) Yeah, you capture him, Light. Mmmm.

I've only watched two of the four eps I have downloaded, but I'm really liking it. The name of the series is a little silly, and I have no idea why the family would be so happy and proud to help bring Dark into existence each generation (well, other than the mother thinking he's "way cute", which is, um, ugh), but it's a fun series with a couple of great looking guys to drool over. (Yes, I can be that shallow!)
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