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"Stay away from me, doctor! I'll KILL you!"

So my cat had to go to the vet today. With each visit, she acts worse and worse. (This is understandable, as usually Very Bad Things happen to her there. Ultrasounds and cutting her belly open and drawing blood and all that.) From the moment I took her out of the carrying case, even when it was just me and her in the room, she was growling loudly and hissing and trying to hide in the crook of my arm. If she hadn't been really distressed, it would have been sort of funny. Even with the doors to the room closed, all the techs and doctors could hear her, and kept poking their heads in to make sure she wasn't being killed or something.

So then the doctor came in. She's a really great person, and I'll use her as a vet as long as she practices and remains in this general area. (She did the operation that saved her from cancer, the worst sort of cancer cats can get and which is almost never successfully removed. Most cats die very quickly of it.) She took all the hissing and growling in stride, but had to take her elsewhere to draw blood. (They needed a couple techs to restrain her to do that. Imagine! Three people holding one little cat down so the doctor could get blood. Poor kitty, but I'm glad she didn't bite or scratch anyone.)

Alas (for her), she has to go on a diet. She gained a pound and a half in a year, which is apparently a lot for a kitty. She'll have to go in to get her teeth cleaned sometime in December, which will really upset her as I have to leave her there all day. (Heck, that'll upset me, too! My poor kitty.) Because she has heart problems (thus the ultrasounds every six months), things like teeth cleanings are harder for her -- anything where they have to put her under has to be done with gas instead of the usual kitty sedatives.

Now you're all up to date on the life of my cat! Aren't you glad you read this post?

Bonus photo: Distressed kitty, hiding from the world.
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