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Why I like Dear Boys...

I mentioned Dear Boys a while back, an anime about basketball of all things. I boggle at my liking (loving) it, since ... sports! Blech! But then I come across conversations like this and recall why:

Aikawa is the main character of the series. He used to play on one team, but in the first ep transferred to a new school so he could play with their team.

Sawa is a teammate from that first team.

Sawa shows up on Aikawa's doorstep, waiting for him. Aikawa greets him warmly; clearly they were good friends. Sawa has all of Aikawa's favorite snacks and tea in his backpack. They sit on the bed, eating and drinking.

Sawa tells how the original team has changed, how it's no fun without Aikawa, how the team lost its spirit. Sawa asks him to return to the former team, but Aikawa turns away from him.

Sawa: With us together, there was nothing we couldn't do...
Aikawa keeps his back turned and remains silent.
Sawa: Is there someone at Mizuho [the school]... a replacement for me?
Aikawa, quiet, sad: ...there is. Fujiwara [team's captain].
Sawa, looking down, sad: Is he better than me?
Aikawa (after a moment): He makes me play at my best.
Sawa, hurt, quiet: Just as always, you speak your mind clearly...

(Conversation turns to Aikawa's grandmother, then Aikawa gets up to leave. Sawa asks him what's up. Aikawa says he'll run to the store and get them some food.)

Sawa: Don't worry about me, I'm fine.
Aikawa: No, no! You came all this way! I'll get something to serve you!
Sawa, yelling: Stop treating me like a houseguest! We were never like that!
Aikawa, hurt, lies(?): I'm hungry myself. (He walks out.)

Then, while Aikawa is out, Sawa thinks to himself 'I'm getting all worked up... he mentioned Fujiwara...', then gets to listen as Fujiwara calls and talks on the answering machine, sounding all manly and gruff. Sawa looks back over his shoulder as Fujiwara speaks.

My dialogue is paraphrased in places, but eee! It's so clear there was something going on between them besides basketball. Heeheehee. So another recommendation: If you have the chance to pick up a copy of Dear Boys, don't hesitate because it's about basketball! It's full of cute guys and lots of character interaction and stuff, not just sports! I just wish I had more than six eps of it left to watch...

Edited to add this screenshot and the one above: Fujiwara and Aikawa.
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