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Something's fishy here...

Would you believe that amanuensis1 wrote Finding Nemo (Gill/Nemo) slash? Would you believe that it's good? See for yourself!

I came in early today, and I'm mostly caught up on work email now. In a way I'm not unhappy to be here (it's good to be forced out and to see other humans in person), but I would really, really, really rather be home, still in bed, looking forward to a day of watching anime. Co-worker will be out all next week, and since we're the only two who do this work, that will suck some serious ass. Oh well.

They got the heat here at work fixed, and so it's nice and warm and toasty at the moment. If I was doing much walking around it would probably be too warm, but it's nice for just sitting here., AC just kicked on. Hope it won't get too much cooler.
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