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I need more sleep, I need less sleep, I need to be shot in the back of the head

Recall yesterday, when I said in some ways I was happy to be back to work? I deserve to be run over by a cement truck for that. How I dealt with five hours of sleep a night for weeks on end is beyond me; after two nights of that, I'm currently wishing for death. However, I have a total of *ten* hours to myself to use for sleeping time or to do any fun things or non-work things. Ten hours. In the entire day. So do I sleep eight hours and then only get to do fun/relaxing things for two hours? Or sleep two hours and do fun things for eight? What the heck kind of life is this?

The answer: It's not! Ha ha ha!


I feel like bitching endlessly about everything. I come in at 7:30 (half-hour early) cow orker comes in at 8:30 (half-hour late) thus I work an hour more than him, but *no one knows this*! Especially the boss who comes in mega-late! I want to cry, I want to scream, I have a headache from hell, I'm exhausted.

The damned MUSH ate up too much of my so-limited time last night. Resenting it more and more and more.

Too bad people are starting to arrive for the day; if I start screaming now, people would notice.

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