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Upward Turns

Funny how little things can improve your day. While pounding away at work, I had to call upon the help of one of our programmers. A nice oriental man. He came and sat down at my desk to look at something on my computer, and while standing behind him I noticed something. The anime hair-shine thing! (Edited to add: The hair-shine thingIt's real! He had normal, short hair, but all around his head was this... ring of shine! So I yelled "Eee! Eee! Look! You have anime-hair! Can I touch it? Please, please, please?"... okay, maybe I didn't say anything about it, but I sure did grin! (I always thought it was kind of silly to have a ring of lighter colored hair around a character's head. Who has hair that shines like that? Well, obviously, the Japanese! :P Silly me.)

And speaking of which, isn't he pretty? (Krad/"Light", from DNAngel.) At least here he looks somewhat less like a girl than he usually does...

I'm going to redo the style on my LJ tonight (or very soon). I may even give in and use the SS2 system, since I really want my icons to show on the front page.

I beat FFT:A last night. Yes, it took me forever! I played under an hour per day (mostly just before bed), so. 75 hours. I didn't level up on purpose, but I think I ended up doing a ton of it. I had 2-3 times the HP of most of the final bosses. Heh. I was very, very glad that you could still play more after the end -- I hadn't realized I was walking into the final battle until the game asked me 'Hey, would you like to save now?'. That question always means Doom is coming. If a game ever offers to save for you, never say no or you'll be sorry. (Ha, I'm speaking as if I were an experienced gamer! Hee.)

Anyway, I'm full of pizza and lots of anime is calling my name. Full Metal Alchemist I believe will be first up. Work still sucks, but I don't have to go back for many hours, so for now I will relax.

Have a good evening, everyone!
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