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My $55 Stupidity Fee

Last night I needed to give my cat her meds, only to find out one of the bottles was empty. Uh oh. Midnight on a Saturday night. Most vets are closed Sunday. This was especially bad since it was a steroid medicine, so it's really bad to miss one. I made some calls on Sunday morning and finally found one open. They couldn't just sell me the pills, they had to see her first (state law or something). Sigh. So I made an appointment and brought her in. $40 for the visit.

"Sorry, without her records we can't give you the pills."

WHAT? Arg! I argued with the doctor for a while (I had the bottle with the instructions printed on it. The instructions = 73 pills needed. Printed on the bottle: Contains 50 pills. See the problem?) Finally she gave in and gave me two pills to hold me till Monday when I can get them from our real vet.

Price of 2 pills there: $15.
Price of 50 pills from my usual vet: $7.
Price of my failing to notice the bottle was nearly empty: $55.

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