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I have found my beloved!

Sorry guys, but I've found the love of my life, and I so I can't see any of you ever again! He's a military man and he's really powerful, and best of all, though he's a good guy, he can be very bad...

Colonel Roy Mustang (of Full Metal Alchemist), while possessing of an odd name, is a very interesting character. I love it when good characters are really morally questionable. (I'm assuming he's a good guy, at this point he still appears to be.)

He put a kid into a deadly situation, but in the end he twists it around quite nicely:


Yes! Evil steps...

Okay, not a smirk, but a frown, but added because it's the one that most reminds me of amegoddess's style:

Funny, but the art used on him reminds me a lot of amegoddess's style.
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