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All sugared up...

Sometimes I eat so badly I even amaze myself. On Fridays we get free breakfasts at work, so I had a bagel. Since they were there and I was hungry, mid-morning I had a donut.

Lunchtime rolled around, and I didn't feel hungry (hello, donut!) and didn't really want something, so just had some popcorn.

So of course once I got back to the office, I was hungry so I had a muffin. Then, unaware that Later Events were happening here at work, I had a roll because I was hungry again.

And then someone came around and gathered us all up to have cake! Gah! Too much bread! Too much sugar! I feel like I'm going to throw up!

I have no idea what I'll do for dinner, other than perhaps vomit onto my shoes.


My HP100 drabble this week. Sadly it was another of those "write for some week you missed". I haven't missed a week, so I just picked one I liked and wrote for it again.

House: Slytherin
Word count: 100
Character: Snape
Challenge #19: Pick a number, any number! (Sentence listed at end.)
Notes: I've already written for them all, so I just picked one to do again. Also, my choice of icons to use with this post ("Snape approves!") is quite firmly tongue-in-cheek.


During the final battle in the war to defeat Voldemort, curses sometimes crossed, combined, and often had unintended effects. Most of the results of these curse-amalgamations were deadly, but not all of them. Snape could live mostly as he had before; it was only once a month that he changed, even though it was into a most... distasteful shape.

Dumbledore arrived just as the shift happened, and smiled at the pink bunny. "You really should consider leaving the dungeons, Severus. Your fur is too thin for the drafts..." And he held out the bunny-sized pajamas for Snape to hop into.


Sentence: Someone has Snape's pink bunny pajamas. (Tootsie Roll)

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