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Why I Hate the Ocean (Or: All Fish Are Evil)

When I was a kid, the first horror movie I ever saw was called Piranha. It was available for downloading the other day, so I grabbed a copy and watched it this afternoon. It was (obviously) about piranha, but they were genetically modified and such. As the movie went on, they ate countless people in more and more graphic ways. I was pretty young when I first saw it -- too young.

The movie scared the poopoo out of under-ten years old me, and I went from being an avid swimmer to refusing to go into any water but the clearest of swimming pools (and thus able to walk around and look in before I got in, checking to make sure there were no fish in it). Seeing how we lived on a beach, this worried my mother and angered my father. Later that same year, he took me to Germany, and in his oh-so infinite wisdom, took me to an aquarium there to see real, live piranha.

Big mistake.

I thought then (as I do now) that piranha look like the most evil little fish around. Horrible, nasty, evil little fish. I was scared to death when I had to see them then, and I've never, ever swam in the ocean since. (In the last few years I'll sometimes put my feet in, but I won't go any further than I can see the bottom and all around me.)

I know that piranha don't live in the ocean (believe me, I've been told countless times), but still! There are other bad things in the ocean, like sharks and stuff! ...but the idea of piranhas eating my toes is still more scary than a shark coming to eat me... *tremble!*


Onto other scary things! I had wanted to see a movie called SWAT when it came out in the theaters a few months back, but I missed it. When I saw it available for downloading, I grabbed a copy. I just watched it today... or tried to. Less than ten minutes into it and I was utterly disgusted at how unrealistic the plotline was, at the lack of consequences for doing things, etc. I deleted it, but the sad part about it wasn't the sucky quality of the film, it's that I think I would have enjoyed it if I had watched it a few months back -- before I had been exposed to better things. Oh well.


Lastly: Watched some Trigun before the movies. Four eps. Met Wolfwood. Punch: If you meant that I'd like him in a "he's an interesting character" sort of way, then yes I did. If you meant "he'll make you need to change your panties", then no. However, I did see why you liked him (you did, right?). He's very Lupin-ish in style. Like 70s clothing and the way he's drawn and stuff.

Unfortunately, while I like Trigun, I'm not getting into it as much as I have other series. I'll keep watching it, but it hasn't grabbed me. This new more serious stuff (with his dead(?) whoever the female is (wife? sister?)) is making it more interesting, but still.

Don't know what I'll watch next. This 'Mobile Suit Gundam Wing' thing has finished downloading, and I have three eps of Saiyuki to try (don't recall who recommended that). Prince of Tennis is really slow, so it's not finished yet. The X-TV thing is snail-slow -- three days and it's still only at 30%! Hm, looking into my folder, I actually have a ton of stuff left. Time to get back to watching!
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