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Quickie post

* Work is busy.
* Boss put a live tree in my cube for my birthday. This may sound like an odd gift, but I love it. *hugs tree*, I guess I've been living in California too long, I've become a treehugger! Hee.
* Have the Dear Boys theme stuck in my head, and a strong desire to watch ep 20 again and experience the angst and boy-boy chasing once more.
* Ep 10 of Fullmetal Alchemist is out. Well, came out last night. Have it downloaded and waiting for viewing First Thing This Evening, moment I get home.
* Very hungry. Worried I'm gaining weight (which sucks. I'm not eating meat for good reasons, world! Please be kind and not make me gain weight from doing that!) Pondering becoming a fruitivore. (Hee, would a cannibal who ate only gay folks be called a fruitivore? Okay, that was bad.)

Thanks to the folks who put LJ happy birthday post up! They made me smile.
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