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"Happy birthday, Thistle," the Slytherins.

Eee! I came home to a nice surprise... three Slytherins waiting for me! After eee'ing over them, I took them into my bedroom and (of course) placed them right next to my bed!

...Okay, it was them in paper form, but who could complain about this? (Sorry for the glare, the paper is glossy.) That's right! I have Lucius, Snape, and Draco right next to the head of my bed, looking down on me. Eee! (Here's the "professional" photo of the poster, if you want another view.)

And yes, I don't normally hang posters up on my wall, but in this case I will make an exception!

(And usually I try to stick to three or fewer posts in a day, but I guess on my birthday I can go over by one, huh? Sorry for the spam!)


In other news: The new Fullmetal Alchemist ep rocks every sock in my drawer. The animation is just so totally beautiful, so crisp and just wonderful to look at, but the storyline is even better. The characters have so much depth! And the little brother's voice is just so cute, I want to grab him up and hug him till he's not ever sad ever again. How am I going to wait until next week for another one? And what about in 42 weeks, when the series ends?

Now, back to Prince of Tennis! Woo!
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