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X, Prince of Tennis

So after five slow, slow days, 18 eps of X finally finished downloading. I watched the first one tonight (or some sort of preview, it was numbered as 00). I didn't hate it, and I think I didn't dislike it, but it was a little much for me in a couple ways. Too too angsty, too melodramatic, way too pointy chins on people, and way too big eyes (even for anime). But it was just totally beautiful as well, perhaps some of the best animation I saw so far -- falls of hundreds of feathers, done so well that you could see the individual threads of down on the pointy-end of them moving on their own, a tree full of flowers so pretty I wanted to touch them. The other big problem was that it was in English/dubbed, but after getting over my initial 'EEK! EEK! Not dubbing! Get it off my computer!', I gave it a chance and found that they did a not-bad job with it. If the voiceactors hadn't been being so melodramatic and angsty, I could almost enjoy the voicework.

I'll probably watch more at a later date, but I have other things firmly before it. However! Freely_bleeding was making lots of fangirl noises at me over it, so I made tons of screenshots for her. Most are behind the cut, but I put the ones that might interest others out here.

We started with this opening, which made me think I'd totally love this series. Mmm, pretty colors, attractive (if young) guy.

In just this one 20 minute ep, these two guys were all over each other.
This is a little gay even for me!
Continuation of above. Guys humpin'.

Look! There's AltaVista in the future! No, wait...
I liked this scene better before I knew the light haired one was a girl.

This guy looks evil. He's sort of cute, but suffers from that chin-as-potential-weapon thing.

Some guy with wings.
Some chick.
Some guy and that "invisible" wolf.
Very pointy chin.
Someone's dead?
Very pointy chin.
Very, very pointy chin.

Man, that's a lot of screenshots. Anyway, the story seems somewhat "typical" of anime -- or at least of the series I've seen so far. Light angels, dark angels, world in the balance, blah blah blah. I'll watch more of it another time, but not till I'm caught up with...

...Prince of Tennis! Woo! I watched five or six eps before X, and man, I keep falling more and more into love with it. I think the "lets abuse Kaoru today!" ep is my favorite one so far. Poor guy! Run over by a bike, hit with a can, trampled on, questioned by the police... and worst of all, called a "sweet young man" by an old lady! It was so so so cute to see him blushing, not once but twice! I think I laughed through the entire ep. The other one I really loved was the one where everyone thought Ryoma was dating that granddaughter -- I really, really think that Ryoma's father is my favorite character! He's so funny and goofy and ecchi and it's really amusing to see him teasing Ryoma... so totally not a (good) father, but still a great character!

Back to watching!
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