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Do more good this month!

Donating a can of soup not enough for you? Then try this:

Child's Play

It's an on-line toy drive for very sick kids with cancer at the Seattle Children's Hospital & Regional Medical Center. They have an Amazon wish-list set up, so it's really easy to help out.

I feel a little guilty because I know some RL and online friends would have liked this as a gift as well, but I donated a Playstation 2 to them. They're requesting all sorts of things, as small as a pack of batteries up to much larger things, so they should have something within your giving-budget. :)

Edited to add: (Belatedly) I emailed the hospital to make sure that they're behind this, and they confirmed that yes, they are. So this isn't just some scam or something:

Thank you for your inquiry.
Yes, this toy drive program is one that we are involved with.

Terry DiMaio
Children's Hospital Foundation and Guild Association

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