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PoT, Wolf's Rain, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Watched five eps of Prince of Tennis, including one that has sealed my love of the series: A whole ep from the cat's POV! Aie! How perfect! And Kaidou likes cats and is willing to play with them? (And blushed again?) Okay, I love you! (I really expected him to hiss at it and that it'd do the same back to him.)

Despite my hatred of giant fighting robot things (other than Escaflowne), I downloaded Mobile Suit Gundam Wing on Feral_Beavers's recommendation. I made it about a minute into it before having to turn it off. I'll probably give it one more chance before deleting it.

Wolf's Rain... such an odd series. I don't like the story and it has major leaps (holes) in logic, but I can't delete it and I keep going back to it and watching an ep every week or so. The animation is beautiful and the voices are wonderful, and I like werewolves... I just wish it didn't otherwise suck.

Will complete the evening with more PoT once I can concentrate on the screen again. I actually wish there was something on TV tonight, I'm having trouble concentrating enough to keep up with subtitles/plotlines. Need more sleep.


Christmas is coming (duh), which for most/many folks means a holiday bonus at work. At my company it means... fruitcakes. That's right. We've not gotten a raise in three years, and the only "bonus" we get is a fruitcake one a year. I kept last year's in the fridge for six whole months before I threw it out. It's actually more insulting to get a fruitcake than to get nothing.

Oh, but good work news! I'm now three-quarters vested at work! See, when you get hired they say to you: You can get X number of this company's stock for Y dollars per stock (a good price), but we want you to stick around, so over four years you'll get fully vested, a quarter of X number a year. So as of now, I can buy a few hundred shares of my company's stock for just over $10 a share! Sounds good, right? Too bad it's currently worth about $2... So yay! I have the right to buy a few hundred shares at $10 and sell them for $2 each! Woo! Yay! Go team! Dinner's on me!, wait...
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