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A world of hate...

In no special order at all:

* LJ is dropping invite codes. Anyone can get a free journal at any time. Now tell me, other than icons, what's the use of having a paid account anymore?

* I (once more) pondered walking out of work and never coming back. Boss came in hours late yesterday morning, left soon after noon. Came in late today. Yet *I* am pulling my hair out trying to keep up. I checked LJ and personal email for the very first time just now, 11:15. Got here at 7:30 AM. Falling behind in typing this.

* For those not in California: There's an idiotic push to give ILLEGAL immigrants drivers licenses. I say a louder "WTF?" than I have ever said before. Actually, this move did pass, but the one good thing the stupid new governor has done so far was cancel that out. So what now? Every Hispanic person in the state is supposed to not buy anything this Friday to show how much power they have and to get the drivers licenses for ILLEGAL people back.

What the fuck?

Their logic is that it will make the roads safer, because they'll have to take the tests and pass. I say: If they fail we're really supposed to believe they won't drive? Because, what, they've obeyed the law this long? These ILLEGAL immigrants?

I hate people. Anyone who doesn't buy anything on Friday should be shot. I'm going to buy as much as I can tomorrow.

Boy, I'm rather ranty, aren't I?

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