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Baby, it's *cold* inside!

After a number of weeks with a nice, normal temperature here at work, they decided to turn the AC back on. I have two vents directly over my head, blasting cold air at me for the last two hours. Le Sigh. It is December! We don't need the AC on full blast! Idiots.

Since the invite codes are now all gone, I picked up ed_the_hyena to use in the new IC first-person drabble writing community I mentioned last night. I'm tempted to make hundreds of LJs, just because I can... but then I read the latest news post from Brad. You know, though I still think his decision is wrong, he sounds sort of how I used to sound when I was defending my MUSH... So maybe he honestly thinks this is a good move, not just another way to make money or something... I'm not sure. But I'll trust him, and only mock him a little if this blows up in our faces.

Know one of the things I like best about writing? When I'm sitting here thinking 'Nope, can't think of a single thing to write. Not one idea. Going to skip this one, there's nothing I can come up wi... wait a moment, how about... yeah! *writewrite* All done!'. Even if it's just a little thing, I like being able to come up with something when I had no ideas. mctabby did another little writing thing: Write something HP based, needs to include fruit, and do it in only 255 characters (spaces included). Not going to cut this, since it's so short:

Of course she could never let anyone see her with the grapes. Filch would laugh at her, and how undignified it would appear! But really, when no mice are around, what's better than pouncing a grape and having it smush under your paws?

Surprise! I wrote about a cat! Hee.

And speaking of cats, mine is at the vet right now. *worry*worry* She's getting her teeth cleaned, which isn't a big deal, but putting her under so that they can do that is. She has a heart problem, so they have to use special gas on her so that they can wake her up very quickly if there's any problem. *worry*worry*
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