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Vet called me here at work. Kitty cat is doing fine. I can go and pick her up later this afternoon. Yay!


This week's hp100 drabble challenge was to write about one of the "beasts" (monsters/creatures) of the HP world. Who am I to pass up an opportunity to write about cats (again)?

I used a creature called "Nundu", the online beasts-guide site described them as:
"The Nundu is considered by many to be the most dangerous beast in existence. It is a gigantic leopard, native to East Africa, whose breath carries disease and death. Whole villages have been wiped out by the Nundu." Danger rating goes from one X to five Xs, Nundu got five.

Title: The Oldest War
House: Slytherin
Words: 100
A/N: Another "creation myth" type drabble. That style seemed to fit the challenge.


In times of war, one must pick their allies carefully. Back when Man was new to this land, he accepted Dog's offer of friendship without thoroughly considering just what such an allegiance could result in...

In time, some of Cat's descendants would eventually deign to live with Man, but not all of them. A few of Cat's children cradled their umbrage; they allowed their anger to grow, and soon their forms enlarged to reflect their hatred of Man... and their deadly powers matched their massive size. They became the Nundu, and the Nundu brought Cat's revenge down upon on mankind.

You know, upon rereading that, it really doesn't feel/sound like my writing. "cradled their umbrage" sounds really odd. Perhaps I should have waited and thought more about the drabble. Oh well.
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