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I'll be gone for a while, I need to go to Japan...

Usually when I wake up, I check my email and LJ flist first thing. However, last night I downloaded something that seemed like it should be interesting (or awful in an interesting way), so I decided to just take a glance at it first. Prince of Tennis, live action and as a musical. Yes, this is a very, very scary idea.

However! It's really, really, really well done. The human actors look and sound just like the anime characters (amazingly so!), and it's handled really well. I ended up not just taking a peek at it, I watched the whole first file (the first half of it)!

The only (small) downside is that it's in Japanese and not translated/subtitled yet (or if it is, I didn't see a download for that version). But even without knowing what they were saying/singing, I could easily follow along (it was roughly following the anime's early plot).

I can't believe how good the actors look! I'm plotting and planning to fly to Japan so I can find the guy who plays Echizen's father. Then I'll pounce him and grab him and do all sorts of fangirlish things to him! Eee!

So I'm going to watch the second half, then deal with email and LJ. With theatrical_muse being so active, I'll probably have to ?skip=150 just for eight hours (sleep + show) away, but it's worth it!

Now back to dancing and singing and tennis! (They fit surprisingly well together! Throw tennis moves into dancing, dance while playing tennis!) Eee!
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