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My brain is broken, my brain is broken, la la la la la la!

Lord, I don't know what's wrong with me. Bedtime on worknights is 11 PM, and I turn my lights off no later than 12. So last night 12 rolls around and I'm wide awake. Bouncing even. It's not caffeine or sugar or anything like that, since I avoid those things after dinnertime. 1 AM hits, and I'm still Wide Awake. Gah. 2 AM. Bouncie! Awake! Should do something! (me: Sleep, you idiot!) Finally at 2:30 I turn my lights off, but I'm still wide awake. Sometime after 3:30 I fell asleep.

Now you'd think with so little sleep that I would stay asleep until my alarm went off (6:30), right? Nope. Hour before it: Awake! Woo! Time to get up yet? Sleep a few minutes. Awake! Wow! It's morning! Let's get up up up!

I swear, I have a hyperactive two-year old in my brain.

During that whole not-sleeping time in bed, I plotted out a slash story. See, this is really silly as I've never written actual slash and I think I'd suck at it, but it amused me last night. PoT characters. Evilly playful!Fuji ("I enjoy seeing people suffer!")/Momo. I really love PoT. So many guys, so many potential pairings, and it's all so canon.

Boy, I'm really tired. Oh well, time to do work.
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