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Was supposed to have a dresser delivered between 6-8 tonight. Got home at 5 and waited, just to be safe. 7:50 get a call that they're not coming. Grump, grump. Be dependable, people!

(Just finished ep #52. Half caught up!)

Okay, raise your hand if you have noticed that as the series continues, the slashy tones are getting just totally impossible to ignore. That many hands up? Good, good.

Eek! Poor Momo *lost* and isn't a regular anymore? And just up and leaves? And everything falls apart? Part of me goes "Eek!" and the other part nods knowingly and notes that that would be the expected reaction, when they're all sleeping together. Oishi is very, very cute in his care-taking of their little family. And his little lover's spat with Eiji was both funny and sad. I kept expecting the two of them to kiss and laugh it off. Eiji is really rather cute when he's mad.

This was just cute.

And boy, did it make my evening to see Echizen watching Momo from afar, looking more relaxed and content once he could see him. Hee.

Know what really bothers me? I can't figure out the right guy to go with Tezuka... He's okay with a number of the guys, but nothing feels spot-on exactly right yet... Hrump.
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