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One more thing off the list...

A post containing many random things.

* I sent Heidi an email this morning, letting her know I was stepping down as a FA mod. It was the next step in my attempting to cut back on on-line work (and thus, hopefully, stress); I wish I could have remained one for longer, but this was really something I had to do. (If I had stuck around I would have started slacking off and cutting corners -- I'd rather leave while still doing the job right than stick around and be a sucky worker.)

* My sister sent me an email this morning. I got her and her husband a digital camera for Christmas, but she doesn't like the one I picked out and so wants to return it. Grumble. Ungrateful kid.

* It's Too Damned Cold here! It was 33 when I left the house this morning. That's a degree from freezing! I could see my breath! Aie! It's supposed to be warm here in the winter! (But on the other hand, my oranges are nearly orange. I wonder if they needed the cold to make them finally turn colors?)

* I left hp_dungeons and a couple of other LJ communities. Need to cut back more, but I'm not sure from where yet. I can't handle 300 or so new posts a day. I like LJ, but I don't like feeling like I *have to* check it many times a day or I'll fall behind and never catch up.

* I had a great dream last night. All the PoT guys were sitting in a tree (K-I-S-S... no, wait). While they weren't kissing, they were so close and so comfortable with each other and you could just feel the love. Like Momo was sitting on a branch with his back to the trunk, and Echizen was leaning back into him, Momo hugging him loosely from behind. They were just so relaxed and comfortable -- it was so great to see. A whole tree full of them!
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