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When they were *good* dreams, this was nice.

Okay, TeniPuri dudes, please only join me in my dreams when they're good dreams. Last night I had a dream that Echizen and I were living in some kind of welfare housing place (in apartments next to each other, not the same one), and everyone, just totally everyone, hated us (we were the only white/non-black folks there). We had to really stick together, because we'd get beaten up otherwise (and even while together we weren't overly safe). So, understandably, we stayed inside a lot, visiting each other in the other's apartment. But then one day we had to go outside, and this crowd of people were holding this giant lion of a man down on the ground (a human, but he had wild mane-like hair and other sort of lionish features). They forced a straw through the side of his eye and into his brain so that they could suck it out, while he was awake and struggling. Gods, it was the most disturbing thing I've seen (awake or asleep) in a long time. The poor guy was awake and they were sticking something into his /brain/. Gah. Echizen and I couldn't even do anything about it -- there was way too big of a crowd holding him down, we had to just keep walking. :(

So the building management promised us free breakfast this morning, so I didn't bring my own in, and guess what? No breakfast! Grr. I'm hungry, but all I have to do is recall my dream to lose my appetite. Gah, poor lion-guy...
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