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Death by fandom...

Lacking dinner, I picked up a pizza on the way home. Took a slice, sat down at the computer and turned on the next TeniPuri ep I was up to. It's a Date. Oh my, I don't think I've laughed that hard in a long, long time, and it's totally my favorite ep so far. Finally I had to pause it and eat so that I'd stop almost-inhaling mouthfuls of food.

Dear Inui,
You're totally evil, know that? I love you, and if you liked girls I'd want to have your babies.

Eee-hee-hee! Inui! He mislead the whole team on purpose, and of course all of them totally bought that the date/love triangle/love square was happening. Hee! And that Tezuka kept hanging up on him when he tried to get him to come join them in spying on the daters/lovers/squarers! Heeheehee.

But the very, very, very best part? Kaidoh. Poor, poor, wonderful, grumpy Kaidoh thinks Inui asked him out on a date!

Just when I thought this series could get no better! I'm still giggling and laughing out loud about it! Poor Kaidoh at Inui's "mercy"! I couldn't love these characters more than I already do.

ETA: On the very next ep:

Dear Kaidoh,

I'm very much enjoying seeing you as everyone's bitch. It's highly cute! Eiji (of all people!) totally played you. Keep it up!

All my love,
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