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My OTP, with chibi-fied proof!

It's taken 88 eps, but I finally not only have my OTP decided, I have proof it exists! (As if you need proof of any pairing in TeniPuri...) Inui/Kaidoh! I loveloveloved this second chibi ep (or half-chibi, anyway)! Eee! Circus tennis players! Police! The Case of Inui's Missing Glasses! Eee! Way, way too cute; I was in danger of dying from an OD of cuteness.

But the proof! Here: Who is the only person looking at naked Inui? That's right, Kaidoh! (Work-safe, no nudity seen...alas.)

Hee! The more I look at that, the more I giggle. I wish they'd do a whole chibi PoT series! Eee!
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