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Burning down the house

Spent too many hours burning TeniPuri eps onto CDs today. Oddly (happily) I didn't get one CD with skips or jumps out of the 16 I burned... I rebooted right before starting, and closed every single program; in the past I had left one IE window open to keep me from getting bored, but I think closing even that made all the difference.

Boy, am I stupid. I love popcorn, but I can only eat a little or it makes me really sick. I've not bought microwave popcorn in years because of this (I can't make it and eat just a little). Because I smoke crack, and because it was on sale, I bought two boxes of it. Made one bag tonight. Ate most of it. Am currently trying to claw through my belly to stop the pain. Stupid me.

Was a very boring day today (at least to write about). Didn't feel like watching any other anime series, so that worked out with my needing to burn things to free up some harddrive space. Cleaned and organized my apartment since I couldn't do anything on the computer.

I didn't do any new drawing, because I look at amazingly good pictures that people call *doodles*, and it makes me cry. That took her 20 minutes, which is a lot less than mine that I posted last night took. Depressing. I know you can learn to draw, but there will always be folks out there who just naturally and effortlessly do it better than people who spend years learning. Le sigh. This is the same theory that keeps me from writing more than I do -- if other people can do amazingly better than I, what's the point? Unless you're having fun and enjoying yourself in doing it, ...

Well now bah. I've gone and depressed myself. I'm tons more prone to that on Sunday night. At least next week will be a short week.
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