Thistle (thistle_chaser) wrote,


SF Bay folks: Did we just have a good sized quake? It's not showing up on any of the usual sites, but our building just had a really nice shake.

ETA: Woo, we did! Massive. 6.5!

ETA, 2: No worries, that's not too close to here at all. We felt a lot of shaking for maybe a full minute, but nothing fell and no one got hurt around here. Earthquakes always make my stomach queezy. Odd that. Like I'm dizzy or something. So cool! Wish it had been a little closer, but not too much closer!

Woo us! Yay California!

ETA, 3: It was more than 120 miles south of us, so wow was it strong that we felt it way up here! Poor people down there must have been scared. But still: woo! We seem to get about one earthquake for every year I live here. So exciting! Eee!
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