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Modern Art!

Paintshop Pro is an odd beast, and I suspect it's smarter than I am. In my attempt to make an icon I like, PSP outsmarted me with its wily layers, and I came up with some odd results.

Though they're not large images at all (28 Kb and 33 Kb) I stuck them behind the cut so I don't clutter up peoples' friends pages.

The hand (which I added in PSP along with the glass) had been too big, so I copied it out so I could resize it, but something funky was happening with the layers and only parts of the areas got copied.

The icon is sort of coming along, but I ran out of time tonight before I could finish it.

I want to darken the bandana "tails" and work on his hand/wrist more tomorrow. I think I need to darken the outline of the glass he's holding... and is the juice too brightly/oddly colored? I know it's unnaturally colored, that's fine, but is it distracting? Maybe I should mute the colors a little...

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