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Japanese umbrella food

(Three topics made into one subject line!)

Umbrella: Turns out we get Christmas gifts from work, and it's better than a fruitcake AND better than nothing! An umbrella. I think it has the company's name printed on it, but I didn't want to open it to find out. It's very small, seems nice. (Hope this means the company might be approaching profitability. First we get umbrellas, then we get stock that's worth something! The world will be ours, baby! ...unless buying 200 or so umbrellas puts us into bankruptcy...)

Japan: See, there are a couple different parts of me. One part goes "You got the money! You can take the vacation time! What're you sitting around here for! Go to Japan! You might even find a job there and can stay there forever!", but luckily the more reasonable part of me keeps that part in control. It'd be really, really stupid to go off on some long trip to far off lands far based on a couple of months of infatuation with anime. However, if I continue with this love, it will be something to look at in the future. Much planning is needed before then, though. Much planning and prep work and such. Down, fangirl! Down!

Food: Hungry, hungry, hungry. Been eating worse than usual lately, which is pretty darned bad. Ate a little cereal this morning and a couple forkfuls of noodles for lunch. Hungry. At the rate I'm going, I'll end up living on a diet of cardboard. Okay, cardboard and pizza. I feel like a college student; I'm back to living on pizza and 5/$5 boxes of pasta... Need to hunt up more veggie-like things to include.

Work: Gah. The only thing that keeps me from jumping out a window (from being bored, not stress) is that I've been listening to the PoT musical for two days straight. I don't like music in general, but when a lot of men sing "strongly" together, I love it. (I don't know how to describe "strongly" better -- when their voices are loud and firm. Recall the song 'I'll Make a Man Out of You' from Disney's Mulan? Like that.) While tomorrow will be a short-er day, it'll still be hard. (I think we get to leave at 3. For me that's only two hours early; for most others it's a half-day. :/ )

The world is my LJ filter: Okay, not exactly, but I find myself reading others' friends pages as much as my own. I read peppygrowlithe's to read the PokeMUSH players' pages, I read mallen's to read about the local CA folks as well as the busy food_porn comm (plus he has a collection of interesting gay guys friended), and I read beckymarie's because she's the biggest "center" of LJ TeniPuri stuff I've found so far. (mctabby filled that role for HP fandom, before I got deep enough into the fandom to find enough HP folks I liked on my own.)

I think it's time to pay a visit to eBay and see what sort of interesting stuff might be available today...
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